Recently I feel like I have lost everything…. I really hate the place I’m at…. And I’m trying with everything I have to get back home… Truthfully I won’t have a technical home as of when my dad moves out to this hell hole… But where ever I have my friends is my home… It’s been along time since I felt that my family was something I could count on for a home… I feel like when I do get home it’s going to be even smaller yah when I left it…. I feel a painful kind of numb… I hate it… I have been falling apart when I have been trying to stay together…. I find myself crying at random times and I just feel so depressed everything I do takes so much strength… I feel so empty…. I would never wish this feeling on anyone… Sure most people feel this in small portions…. But, idk….

Hell hole

Recently I have been forcefully relocated to North Dakota…. I have all sorts of people telling me to make the best of it, be happy, stop worrying… I am in so much pain, I am so alone here I have been a hermit in my room only coming out every now and then…. I haven’t had any human contact since the last hug I got the day I left…. My mother keeps trying to make me happy but it’s making me feel worse and worse… I have bags and dark circles under my eyes worse than what they had been at home… I try to stay happy for my friends that I Skype everyday because they are my link to sanity…. Truth be told I broke down earlier because of something I read from home and I feel like falling apart…. I wanna go home so bad… My mom keeps asking why I call this place the house not home….. Because I HATE it here I want to be with the people I care about not in a place with a person who doesn’t give a damn how I feel…. My home is where I am not lonely… Where friend are….
More alone than I have ever felt…

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The Dark Moon [s01e01]

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117 [s02e02]

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Teen Wolf starts at 10 pm EDT in the US (convert your time zone here). All streams work outside the US. Bolded streams will be playing Wolf Watch (with Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien, Holland Roden and Jeff Davis) after the episode*

* I do not run any of the above streams so if they go down I can’t do anything about it :(

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I have fallen so damn hard for too damn long it isn’t funny. Just being around you brightens up my day, I helps me not worry as much about the shit I have to deal with here at home…. The way you care for your friends and try to make sure everyone else is ok first… When you talk about stuff that you love wether it be cars, certain people, or anything else is brilliant at those times your eyes just light up and it’s wonderful to see you happy….
The way you see things in a different prospective… You are amazing, your laugh makes me so happy…. Just being around you is intoxicating…. Your love for music no matter what genres… Your love for animals…
I know you mostly know now… And I understand that I am not your type cause I’m me and I’m no ones type… But you are amazing in soo many ways you should never doubt yourself ever cause you always mean well



Ugh hell yea… You are an amazing looking person never doubt yourself please

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Can we just talk about Stiles’ hair?


Can we just talk about Stiles’ hair?

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“I will never abandon this jeep. You understand me? Ever. Ever.”

-Stiles Stilinski, Teen Wolf 4x01 “The Dark Moon”

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